Wildlife Officers

The FWOA (Federal Wildlife Officers Association) is a resource for both state and federal Law Enforcement officers responsible for preserving our wildlife and enforcing wildlife laws.


Special agents with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement are plainclothes criminal investigators who enforce Federal wildlife laws throughout the United States. They target crimes – such as wildlife trafficking and habitat destruction – that undermine U.S. efforts to conserve wildlife resources.

Service special agents protect threatened and endangered species, migratory birds, marine mammals, and imperiled animals and plants around the world. Their investigations document violations of Federal wildlife laws as well as such crimes as smuggling, conspiracy, money laundering, mail and wire fraud, and making false statements.


Individual States appoint officers to handle wildlife issues.  Operating under a variety of titles – game wardens, wildlife managers, rangers – these professionals enforce wildlife laws and respond to wildlife problems within their states.

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